01 - Introduction

Welcome to Finalborgo. This audio guide will take you on tour of the old town centre, into the squares, the ancient houses and churches, and along the little alleyways that open up onto unexpected views.
The brochure you collected from the entrance to the Archeological Museum contains a map of Finalborgo with the 16 hotspots of the tour.
Hotspots number 2 and 3 offer historical information about the Borgo and its layout and can be listened to at any time during the tour.
Whenever you reach a hotspot and would like to listen to the corresponding audio message, enter the number of that hotspot into your keypad then press the white triangle key.
Each audio-recording is followed by this tone .... after which you are free to move on to the next hotspot along the tour, enter a new number and listen to the next audio-recording.
Your brochure also contains a map of the Church of San Biagio, which will be useful when visiting the interior of the building.
Should you need to adjust the volume of the audio-recording while listening, press digit 7 to reduce the volume and digit 9 to increase it. To pause a message, press 7.
One minute after the end of a recording the audio guide will switch off automatically. Press power ON to switch it back on. A light will confirm that the device is turned on.
We suggest that you use the lanyard to wear the audio guide around your neck, as this will make it easier to use.
We wish you a very pleasant tour of the town.