04 - Garibaldi Square

The ancient Piazza delle Erbe, now called Piazza Garibaldi, is the very centre of the Borgo, where the roads coming from the two main town gates converge. The square was enlarged in 1956, when the medieval ‘truina’, or Volta di San Rocco was knocked down. This was where the town crier read out the edicts issued by the Marquesses or by the Spanish governors.

A few painted buildings dating back to the 16th Century overlook the square. One of these houses still shows signs of older, original decorations and two sundials embellish the walls of the nearby houses delle Erbe.
One of the walls on the longer length of the square is decorated with a Franciscan figure set inside a stucco frame. Historians believe that this was meant to celebrate friar San Leonardo da Porto Maurizio who preached to the villagers of Finale in 1743.

A 15th-century capital from Castel Gavone is set in an opening on the corner of the square and serves as a fountain.

Finally, the memorial archway between the two buildings at the entrance of Via Torcelli was probably built in 1666 along the trail used by Margherita, Infanta of Spain, to reach the Palazzo del Tribunale in Finale, where she stayed briefly before resuming her travels towards Vienna. The archway was first restored in 1836 to celebrate King Carlo Alberto’ s stay in Finale and then again in 1877. The plaque on the archway still celebrates the favoures bestowed onto the town of Finalborgo by the kings of the Savoia family.