09 - The Testa Gate

The original medieval part of the Testa Gate, from whence emerged the road to Gorra and the Melogno Pass or the Calice Valley, dates back to the times of Marquess Giovanni I, as indicated by the Gothic inscription between the two heart-shaped coats of arms. Sadly, both currently lie in a state of disrepair. The inscription, positioned inside the archway, praises the Marquess for being the executor of this piece of architecture and reports the date of construction, which is the 10th June 1452.
Despite still having its original defenses jutting out onto consoles made of Finale stone, the gateway was extensively re-furbished towards the end of the 19th Century by adding the bell tower and clock, the fresco of the Madonna and Saints and the lancet arch.
The Gateway leads directly onto Via Nicotera, one of the main roads or axes of the Borgo and named after the Risorgimento freedom fighter, member of Garibali’s Army and Minister of the Kingdom of Italy who sanctioned the annexation of Gorra and Perti to Finalborgo in 1877.