83 - Wooden Crucifix

The third alter on the right was crafted in 1681 by Giacinto Aicardi from Verezzi and is surmounted by a wooden Crucifix crafted by Francesco Maria Agnesi, called Corsetto, in 1693 for the high alter of the baroque church.
The following chapel, whose alter piece and frames were manufactured by Genoese artist Domenico Prato in 1798 shows Saint John Nepomuceno between Saint Frances from Paola and Santa Lucia. This piece is by Giuseppe Paganelli, a painter from the Bergamo area who lived sometime between the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th Centuries.
The right arm of the transept is taken up by a richly decorated alter dedicated to the Madonna of Graces and of the Purging Souls, which was made by Pietro Ripa between 1718 and 1728 with recycled, marbled-clad columns which were taken from Castel Gavone, when the latter was knocked down in 1715.
This piece is thought to have been painted by the Finalese artist Pier Lorenzo Spoleti, whose dates are 1680-1726.