82 - Martyrdom of Saint Catherine from Alexandria

The next chapel houses the monumental altarpiece of the Martyrdom of Saint Catherine from Alexandria. This piece of work was painted in 1533 by Piedmontese artist Oddone Pascale and was meant for the high alter in the homonymous Dominican church of Santa Caterina. The painting was only moved to where it is now when Saint Catherine’s was abandoned and stopped being a place of worship.
The central section of this complex work of art, where the pictorial elements fit into an imposing wooden structure, shows Saint Catherine breaking the wheels of martyrdom beneath a classicizing archway. On either side of the central figure are Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Saint Domenico and Saint Benedetto, abbot.
There is an image of the Annunciation and one of the Pietà on the second tier and in the tympanum respectively.
The predella at the bottom shows the beheading of Saint Catherine and the transportation of her body to Mount Sinai. The saints body is pictured between two Del Carretto coats of arms, one of which bears Luigi Del Carretto’s insigna, who became Bishop of Cahors in 1514.