86 - Chapel of the Sacred Heart

The next chapel to the left of the chancel houses a 17th-century wooden sculpture of the Dead Christ and a picture of the Virgin between Saint John the Baptist and Saint Hippolytus, commissioned in 1627 by the Spanish Governor of Finale and Langhe, Giovanni Diez Zamorano for the chapel in the Courts of Justice.
The east arm of the transept houses the alter dedicated to the Madonna del Carmine, built between 1726 and 1727 and celebrated and worshipped on the 16th of July. This alter is supported by four helicum columns in black marble. The niche houses a statue of the Virgin Mary, which is a fair example of a 17th and 18th-century ‘clad’ Madonna.
The last chapel along the left hand-side aisle houses an 18th-century painting of the The Disbelief of Saint Thomas attributed to artist Spoleti.
The next chapel is the Sacred Heart Chapel, which used to be dedicated to Saint Luigi Gonzaga. The bases of the columns are decorated with polychrome inlayed marble with realistic floral design dating back to around 1750.
On either side of the alter are two busts: one of Marquess Cristoforo Benenato from 1675 and the other of the Blessed Dominican father Damiano Folcheri da Perti both standing atop a marble slab with angels holding up a coat of arms. The design of this piece belongs to the Lombardy tradition.